Understanding that weight loss presents a number of unique challenges that the average American doesn’t necessarily understand, our family doctors developed an entirely separate program that addresses these issues.

A Comprehensive Weight Loss Plan

Though working out and healthy eating is a part of any effective wellness plan, those seeking to lose weight often require a level of medical support and counseling in order to overcome personal obstacles that make losing weight difficult. At Jordan Family Healthcare in Houston, our weight management program was engineered to be a comprehensive source for any patient looking to achieve optimal wellness.

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A Health-Focused Approach

With an emphasis on nutrition and physical health, our doctors have helped hundreds of clients achieve their weight loss goals through progressive and steady changes in their diet and activity levels. With health plans tailored to each patient, we focus on long-term sustainable results rather than quick, unhealthy tactics. By helping you develop beneficial, healthy habits, while providing a supportive, cohesive environment, and medical care as needed, our weight loss program is focused on your optimal wellness.

While restructuring your nutritional plan and creating a healthcare regimen designed around your health history and wellness goals, we help boost your metabolism, reduce the risk of health problems, and increase strength and endurance.

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