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I’m Nervous, What Will It Be Like?

If you are going to the gynecologist for the first time and have the case of the jitters, know that you are not alone. Many women are nervous about going to the gynecologist, even those who have gone before. It’s completely understandable and natural to be nervous. Unfortunately, many young women have grown up without being taught about their own health and the structure of their body, and many of the conversations that have been held have been reinforced with fear. Remember, it is okay to be nervous and your gynecologist is a resource to help you, so come with questions!

Your First Appointment

Though it can vary from practice to practice, generally every appointment with a gynecologist, no matter if you are seeing one here in Houston or elsewhere, is the same.

Step 1: Gather Information

Your appointment will begin with a nurse gathering information about your health, sexual history, sexuality, your period, and your concerns. It is always best to be honest so that you can get the best care possible. During this time, they will measure your blood pressure, height, and weight.

Step 2: The Exam

The exam can be broken down into a few parts. If you are seeing the gynecologist for the first time, make sure you tell them so that they to explain what each part of the exam entails.

Breast Exam

The doctor will gently check your breasts with their fingers for lumps and other abnormalities such as discharge. This exam is important because breast cancer in younger women typically grows at a faster rate than older women. Be sure you’re doing your own monthly exams!

Pap Smear

They will also administer a pap smear. This is the moment your feet go in the stirrups and, if you aren’t used to it, can feel like an invasion of privacy. Just remember that the gynecologist is a medical professional and that you don’t have to feel weird or bad if your lady garden is a little unkempt. They’ve seen it all, and they aren’t judging you. During your pap smear, the doctor will take a brush and lightly scrape some cells from your cervix that they will send back to the laboratory to check for cancer and other abnormal cells.

Pelvic Exam

If you haven’t been sexually active or have any concerns, then you most likely will not need a pelvic exam and the doctor will skip this part. However, if you do need a pelvic exam it will involve you lying as you were for the pap smear while the doctor inspects the vulva or outside of your vagina. They will also use a plastic or metal tool called a speculum to gently open your vagina enough so they can shine a light inside and can check for signs of STDs. The doctor will also check your cervix, ovaries, and womb by inserting two fingers into your vagina and pressing on your abdomen.

Take A Deep Breath

Having a gynecological exam can be a little uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t painful. If you are nervous, be sure to take deep breaths so that you can mentally and physically relax. Relaxing will help to alleviate some discomfort. Again, don’t be embarrassed if you are nervous. It’s completely natural and everyone has at one point during their lives had their first exam and case of nerves too.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment

Before you schedule your appointment, do your best to estimate when your period will be and make your appointment for a time when you are past that part of your monthly cycle. Also, take a moment to think about any questions you may have for your doctor. Your appointment is the perfect time to get answers to your concerns. Ask questions even if you think they are silly.

Ready to Make An Appointment?

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