As dedicated healthcare professionals, we’ve seen the detrimental effects of high blood pressure far too many times. As a major risk factor for heart attack, heart failure, stroke and chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure is more common than understood by the public, with approximately 30 percent of adult Americans being affected by its symptoms. Left untreated, it can be deadly; high blood pressure is main or contributing cause of death for more than 360,000 Americans in 2010 alone, according to a 2015 statement in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

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A Personalized Plan For Your Blood Pressure Treatment

Taking the care and treatment beyond the simple prescribing of medication, our family doctors and compassionate healthcare team creates personalized plans to address each patient’s problems with blood pressure on an individual basis. Backed by decades of experience in medicine, our team uses both traditional methodologies and innovative care techniques to help patients control their blood pressure. We deliberately look to avoid the serious implications of high blood pressure by creating personalized outpatient treatment plans for each of our patients that exhibits signs of developing this condition.

What Do We Address?

Addressing risk factors such as weight gain, a sedentary lifestyle, bad dietary choices, smoking, elevated alcohol intake, and high levels of salt, our family doctors and staff help each patient naturally lower blood pressure levels while prescribing effective medications. Each treatment plan is structured to be comprehensive in nature in order to create prompt, life-changing results.

How Do I Know If I Have High Blood Pressure?

Because high blood pressure doesn’t cause symptoms, it is imperative to your health that you routinely have it checked by your family doctor. Routine physicals are the best measure of your blood pressure and should be included with every trip to your doctor.

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