Diabetes negatively affects the lives of millions of Americans and is a serious chronic disease that has cost patients and the healthcare system billions of dollars. Approaching the care and management of diabetes with comprehensive and integrative health measures, we strive to alleviate, and even eliminate, the symptoms of diabetes.

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A Personalized Care Plan

Utilizing functional medicine and coupling it with traditional methodologies, our goal is to regulate blood glucose levels and insulin production while preventing the return of acute symptoms. Jordan Family Healthcare family doctors and staff members routinely use the following measures in their treatment of both Type I and Type II diabetes:

  • Proven hematology procedures
  • Vitamin and nutritional supplements
  • Weight loss management
  • Exercise and lifestyle counseling

At our Houston health clinic, we’ll establish a customized plan to help you on your path to optimal health and wellness. Find out more about how to manage your diabetes by scheduling a personal health consultation with our family doctors now.

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